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Use job-storage features

The following job-storage features are available for print jobs:

Proof and hold jobs: This feature provides a quick way to print and proof one copy of a job and then print the additional copies from the control panel.

Personal jobs: When you send a private job to the product, the job does not print until you provide the required personal identification number (PIN) at the control panel.

Quick Copy jobs: Print the requested number of copies of a job and then store a copy of the job on the product.

Stored jobs: Store a job such as a personnel form, time sheet, or calendar on the product, so other users to print the job at any time. Stored jobs also can be protected by a PIN.
HP Laserjet P3010 caution Use job storage features CAUTION:

If you turn off the product, all Quick Copy, Proof and Hold, and Personal jobs are deleted.

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