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Solve network problems

Check the following items to verify that the product is communicating with the network. Before beginning, print a configuration page. See Print the information and show-me-how pages.

Poor physical connection
Verify that the product is attached to the correct network port using a cable of the correct length.
Verify that cable connections are secure.
Look at the network port connection on the back of the product, and verify that the amber activity light and the green link-status light are lit.
If the problem continues, try a different cable or port on the hub.
The computer is unable to communicate with the product.
Use the command prompt to ping the product from your computer. For example:
Verify that the ping displays round-trip times, which indicates that it is working.
If the ping command failed, verify that the network hubs are on, and then verify that the network settings, the product, and the computer are all configured for the same network.
Incorrect link and duplex settings
Hewlett-Packard recommends leaving this setting in automatic mode (the default setting). See Link speed and duplex settings.
Incorrect IP address for the product on the computer
Use the correct IP address.
If the IP address is correct, delete the product and then it add again.
New software programs have caused compatibility problems.
Verify that any new software programs are correctly installed and that they use the correct printer driver.
Your computer or workstation is set up incorrectly.
Check the network drivers, printer drivers, and the network redirection.
Verify that the operating system is configured correctly.
The protocol is disabled, or other network settings are incorrect.
Print a configuration page to check the status of the protocol. Enable it if necessary.
Use the control panel to reconfigure the network settings if necessary.

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HP Laserjet P3010 Solve network problems