Solve common Windows problems

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Solve common Windows problems 

Error message:
“General Protection FaultException OE”
“Illegal Operation”
Close all software programs, restart Windows, and try again.
Select a different printer driver. If the product PCL 6 printer driver is selected, switch to the PCL 5 or HP postscript level 3 emulation printer driver, which can be done from a software program.
Delete all temp files from the Temp subdirectory. Determine the name of the directory by opening the AUTOEXEC.BAT file and looking for the statement “Set Temp =”. The name after this statement is the Temp directory. It is usually C:TEMP by default, but can be redefined.
See the Microsoft Windows documentation that came with the computer for more information about Windows error messages.

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HP Laserjet P3010 Solve common Windows problems