Output is curled or wrinkled

HP Laserjet P3010 hp logo Output is curled or wrinkled

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Output is curled or wrinkled

Output is curled or wrinkled
Paper does not meet the specifications for this product.
Use only paper that meets the HP paper specifications for this product.
Paper is damaged or in poor condition.
Remove paper from the input tray and load paper that is in good condition.
Product is operating in an excessively humid environment.
Verify that the printing environment is within humidity specifications.
You are printing large, solid-filled areas.
Large, solid-filled areas can cause excessive curl. Try using a different pattern.
Paper used was not stored correctly and might have absorbed moisture.
Remove paper and replace it with paper from a fresh, unopened package.
Paper has poorly cut edges.
Remove paper, flex it, rotate it 180 degrees or turn it over, and then reload it into the input tray. Do not fan paper. If the problem persists, replace the paper.
The specific paper type was not configured for the tray or selected in the software.
Configure the software for the paper (see the software documentation). Configure the tray for the paper, see Load trays.
The paper has previously been used for a print job.
Do not re-use paper.

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HP Laserjet P3010 Output is curled or wrinkled