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Type and size

Printing by type or size means that you want the product to pull from the tray that is loaded with the correct type and size of paper. Selecting paper by type rather than source is similar to locking out trays and helps protect special paper from accidental use. For example, if a tray is configured for letterhead and you select plain paper, the product will not pull the letterhead from that tray. Instead, it will pull from a tray that is loaded with plain paper and is configured for plain paper on the product control panel.

Selecting paper by type and size results in significantly better print quality for most paper types. Using the wrong setting might result in unsatisfactory print quality. Always print by type for special print media, such as labels or transparencies. Print by size for envelopes, if possible.

To print by type or size, select the type or size from the Page Setup dialog box, the Print dialog box, or the Print Properties dialog box, depending on the software program.

If you often print on a certain type or size of paper, configure a tray for that type or size. Then, when you select that type or size as you print a job, the product automatically pulls paper from the tray that is configured for that type or size.

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