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Configure trays

HP Laserjet P3010 note Configure trays NOTE:

If you have used other HP LaserJet product models, you might be accustomed to configuring Tray 1 to First mode or Cassette mode. For this product, setting TRAY 1 SIZE to the ANY SIZE setting and setting TRAY 1 TYPE to ANY TYPE is equivalent to First mode. Setting TRAY 1 SIZE and TRAY 1 TYPE to any other settings is equivalent to Cassette mode.

The product automatically prompts you to configure a tray for type and size in the following situations:

When you load paper into the tray

When you specify a particular tray or paper type for a print job through the printer driver or a software program and the tray is not configured to match the print-job’s settings

The following message appears on the control panel: TRAY <X> [TYPE] [SIZE] To change size or type press OK. To accept settings press HP Laserjet P3010 arrow return Configure trays.

HP Laserjet P3010 note Configure trays NOTE:

The prompt does not appear if you are printing from Tray 1, and it is configured for the ANY SIZE and ANY TYPE settings.

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