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Embedded Web server sections

Tab or section
Information tab
Provides product, status, and configuration information

Device Status: Shows the product status and shows the estimated life remaining of HP supplies. The page also shows the type and size of print paper set for each tray. To change the default settings, click Change Settings.

Configuration Page: Shows the information found on the configuration page.

Supplies Status: Shows the estimated life remaining of HP supplies. This page also provides supplies part numbers. To order new supplies, click Shop for Supplies in the Other Links area on the left side of the window.

Event Log: Shows a list of all product events and errors. Use the hp instant support link (in the Other Links area on all embedded Web server pages) to connect to a set of dynamic Web pages that help you solve Event Log issues and other problems. These pages also show additional services available for the product.

Usage Page: Shows a summary of the number of pages the product has printed, grouped by size, type, and paper print path.

Device Information: Shows the product network name, address, and model information. To customize these entries, click Device Information on the Settings tab.

Control Panel: Shows messages from the control panel, such as Ready or Sleep mode on.

Print: Allows you to send print-ready jobs to the product.
Settings tab
Provides the ability to configure the product from your computer

Configure Device: Configure product default settings. This page contains the traditional menus found on the control-panel display.

Tray Sizes/Types: Shows the size and type of paper and print media allowed for each input tray.

E-mail Server: Network only. Used in conjunction with the Alert Subscriptions page to set up e-mail alerts.

Alert Subscriptions: Network only. Set up e-mail alerts for various product and supplies events.

Alert Thresholds: Set the time or value for when the product sends particular alerts.

AutoSend: Configure the product to send automated e-mails regarding product configuration and supplies to specific e-mail addresses.

Security: Set a password that must be entered to gain access to the Settings and Networking tabs as well as portions of the product’s control panel and HP Jetdirect networking. Enable and disable certain features of the product.

Edit Other Links: Add or customize a link to another Web site. This link is displayed in the Other Links area on all embedded Web server pages.

Device Information: Name the product and assign an asset number to it. Enter the name and e-mail address for the primary contact who will receive information about the product.

Language: Determine the language in which to display the embedded Web server information.

Date & Time: Synchronize the time with a network time server.

Sleep Schedule: Set or edit a wake time for the product to become ready.
HP Laserjet P3010 note Embedded Web server sections NOTE:

The Settings tab can be password-protected. If this product is on a network, always consult with the system administrator before changing settings on this tab.

Networking tab
Provides the ability to change network settings from your computer
Network administrators can use this tab to control network-related settings for the product when it is connected to an IP-based network. This tab does not appear if the product is directly connected to a computer, or if the product is connected to a network using anything other than an HP Jetdirect print server.
HP Laserjet P3010 note Embedded Web server sections NOTE:

The Networking tab can be password-protected.

Other Links
Contains links that connect you to the Internet

hp instant support: Connects you to the HP Web site to help you find solutions to product problems.

Shop for Supplies: Connects to the HP SureSupply Web site, where you will receive information on options for purchasing original HP supplies, such as print cartridges and paper.

Product Support: Connects to the support site for the product, from which you can find help regarding various topics.

Show Me How: Connects to information that demonstrates specific tasks for the product, such as clearing jams and printing on various types of paper.
HP Laserjet P3010 note Embedded Web server sections NOTE:

You must have Internet access in order to use any of these links. If you use a dial-up connection and did not connect when you first opened the embedded Web server, you must connect before you can visit these Web sites. Connecting might require that you close the embedded Web server and reopen it.

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