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Data affected

Data affected by the Secure Disk Erase feature includes temporary files that are created during the print process, stored jobs, proof and hold jobs, disk-based fonts, disk-based macros (forms), address books, and HP and third-party applications.

HP Laserjet P3010 note Data affected NOTE:

Stored jobs will be securely overwritten only when they have been deleted through the RETRIEVE JOB menu on the product after the appropriate erase mode has been set.

This feature will not impact data that is stored on flash-based product non-volatile RAM (NVRAM) that is used to store default settings, page counts, and similar data. This feature does not affect data that is stored on a system RAM disk (if one is used). This feature does not impact data that is stored on the flash-based system boot RAM.

Changing the Secure Disk Erase mode does not overwrite previous data on the disk, nor does it immediately perform a full-disk sanitization. Changing the Secure Disk Erase mode changes how the product cleans up temporary data for jobs after the erase mode has been changed.

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